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Yoga Studio Class Descriptions

At Spirit of Yoga, each class is an authentic offering of our unique and talented instructors. Our naming convention for classes honors the common heritage of all yoga styles and provides an easy way for our students to find classes that fit their existing practice or help them begin a new one.

Levels & Descriptions

(If Blank)

If no additional information is given, then the class is “All Levels.” Modifications and adjustments are offered so that beginning to intermediate students can feel appropriately supported and/or challenged.


This class is perfect for people looking for in-depth instruction for the practices, as well as more information regarding the style or practice of yoga overall.

Int / Adv

Classes with Intermediate/Advanced in the description will include postures, transitions, or techniques that require more awareness and experience. These classes may explore practices such as inversions, arm balances, deep backbends; have more rigorous or athletic sequencing; or require more developed flexibility or endurance.


This foundational style is the source of vinyasa yoga. Developed by Krishnamacharya and championed and evolved by Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga classes follow a set series of postures. Classes begin with an opening invocation, followed by vigorous Sun Salutations, standing postures, a main sequence, and closing postures. Ashtanga is an excellent style for those seeking to develop athleticism with focus and control.

Core Stress Release Yoga Therapy

This practice strengthens and stretches the lower back and stimulates psoas release. CSR Yoga Therapy is presented within the framework of familiar asana sequences and tremor release of deeply held stress and samskaras (habits) that adversely affect the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. This is a good workout and appropriate for practitioners of all levels.


This foundational style is the source of most modern yoga styles. Physical postures are taught with a focus on alignment and breath while entering, holding, and leaving the posture. Breathing and meditation techniques may also be taught depending on the teacher or the particular class focus. Hatha yoga is an excellent style for students who appreciate longer holds in individual postures and prefer a slower and more meditative approach to practice (while still reaping the benefits of a physical practice).

Hatha Flow

A Hatha Flow style yoga that is open to all levels of experience. There will be a focus on the breath connected to movement, asana practice that will flow with the breath and meditation. The intention for this class is to be able to express yourself in the practice of yoga and be comfortable that it is your practice and you are invited to show up just exactly as you are. It is perfect!


Hatha yoga postures are taught with the addition of precise vibrations generated by a live gong. This combination of posture and vibration enhances the meditative and transformational quality of the class. Hatha-Gong™ is a beautiful practice that will help both new and experienced students find an additional – and perhaps previously unexplored – layer in their conventional practice of postures.

Hatha Happy Hour

Home of the OMMMMMMM YA! Join us every Friday evening for some movement, music and merriment. This class is a gentle hatha asana practice that is accompanied by live drumming and music and is open to all levels of experience. No matter what mudra you are in join us for this evening that will definitely make your heart sing and put a smile on your face. OMMMMMMM YA!

Hatha Basics

This class is about the basics of yoga – an initial instruction in yoga asana and a way to review basic principles of alignment. In Hatha Basics, the emphasis on proper alignment is to ensure that the most benefit is derived from the pose and that any risk of injury is reduced. Props, including blankets, blocks and straps, are incorporated as necessary to achieve alignment. Breathing is emphasized to help students be mindful during Hatha Basics. Poses are held longer so that students may begin to experience the poses more deeply, from the inside out. Hatha Basics combines asana, meditation and often includes pranayama.


A relaxed style of practice that utilizes a variety of props such as blankets, blocks, and straps to allow the body to be supported as it opens itself to a deep level of stretching, relaxation, and renewal. This class is appropriate for all levels and can be very beneficial for those looking to bring balance to the stress of a busy lifestyle.

Ashtanga Intro

Ashtanga Intro goes through the first half of the traditional Primary Series postures, then backbends & finishing sequence, focusing on breath, postures, energy locks & gaze point. Very attainable intro to a challenging practice!

Eastern Movement Experience

Eastern Movement Experience is a combination of an introduction to Qi Gong and gentle basic Hatha yoga poses. The style of Qi Gong (energy work) is influenced by Medical and Martial Qi Gong systems. This is a breath-based gentle movement class. This class is taught in a workshop format. Great for beginners, individuals with restricted movement, stress reduction and management.

Hatha Tone: Buddha-Belly-Be-Strong

Core strength building class using breath, belly balls and bold use of modified asanas to advance your yoga practice and feeling of self-empowerment. Not for the weak at heart! Fast paced, high energy, open to all levels . . .Come do what you can do . . . you’ll get stronger each week. Yo!

Hath-entic Flow

This class is accessible to all levels, including beginners, and is a combination of dynamic flow coupled with longer holds to help connect with clarity, humility, and love. Together, with community, we will explore the true nature of power to find alignment within ourselves. When we experience anxiety, it is the experience of power leaving through our energy centers or chakras. All dis-ease in our bodies can be understood in terms of power loss.

Three Questions Forms

Experience your capacity to work with and influence the energy within and surrounding you. Meridian Energy Arts guides students through yoga and qi gong-based movements to harness our ability to fully open to the world. Sequences are designed to awaken qi, balance the meridians, and increase our command of our energy. This is an active flow class, but is accessible to students of all levels of ability.

Off the Wall

Based on BKS Iyengar’s alignment-oriented approach to yoga, students use a specialized “yoga wall” as a prop to deepen the asana practice by opening and creating space in the body using therapeutic techniques. Off the Wall is excellent for students of all levels seeking to strengthen, align, and restore the body.

Reiki Restorative

Experience supreme relaxation in Restorative yoga combined with the healing energy of Reiki, a universal life-force energy that is sattvic (therapeutic) in nature which restores the body to the ideal state. During the practice the student will prop themselves up in restorative poses and the instructor, a Reiki Master, will administer the healing energy to areas of the body that require attention. This is a hands-on healing process with the instructor only touching the body in appropriate places so that the student will always feel comfortable and safe. Practiced regularly, the student can expect to feel a great sense of peace and well-being as well as varying degrees of healing to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.


The word Barre comes from ballet where ballerinas stretch & exercise while holding onto a barre on the wall. using some elements of ballet, Pilates & yoga, Barre workouts are fun & effective. Mat exercises and resistance bands are also used to sculpt every part of the body. Exercises are easy to follow however, combined with stretching, upbeat music & repetitions, this class may challenge you. Expect to work up a little sweat, without the high impact cardio. Coming from a strong yoga anatomy background, the teacher offers up alignment cues throughout the class exercises to protect the joints and spine as much as possible.

Strength & Stability

This class explores an individual’s inner strength and ability to feel powerful in any given posture because what we experience in yoga class and on our mat directly correlates to how we approach experiences in life and ourselves. We will hold some poses, flow in others, work our edges and integrate. You may actually have a little fun while you sweat, laugh and find peace in presence.

Inspired Flow

Yummy yin postures open the class, inviting the body & spirit to organically awaken. Dynamic asana sequences follow, continuing to raise the vibration. Each class is creatively designed to weave an inspiring theme with specific movement, mantra, pranayama, singing bowls, eclectic music & meditation. Open to students of all levels, modifications and adjustments are offered to support every body, encouraging new levels of awareness, growth & discovery.


Hatha yoga postures are taught so that each pose links to the previous pose, creating a continuous “flow” of movement. Breathing and meditation techniques in addition to longer holds in a pose may also be taught depending on the teacher or the particular class focus. Vinyasa is excellent for students who find that movement helps create a state of physical exertion and mental concentration leading to deep relaxation and steadiness after class.

Three Questions Yin

Based on Yin Yoga, Buddhism and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Three Questions Yin guides students through three key points of contemplation-hereness, awareness, and relaxation-in each Yin posture. Sequences are guided by the meridian lines and are designed to create overall health and healing. Talks about various Buddhist topics are offered during practice to increase our ability to be relaxed and be more open in the world. Appropriate for all levels of posture experience.


Taught in the style of Paul Grilley and Sarah Power, Yin classes focus on the cultivation of longer, deep holds that are static in nature (the pose & gravity create most of the stretch). This opens, strengthens and builds the soft tissue and bone. It is also meditative in nature. The meridians (chi, prana) are often focused as a part of this practice also. Focused Yin postures will assists in balancing these energy centers effectively. Small portions of Yang postures are used for warming up the body from time to time. If you’re healing from an injury, restorative may be a better choice.

Yoga 101 – Foundations

This dynamic basic class is designed for students with no previous experience or those wishing to revisit the basics. Students are taught to connect basic breath control and internal awareness to physical movement; 12+ basic postures which create a Sun Salutation; and an introduction to meditation. All taught in a safe, comfortable and interactive environment.

Nidra Chakra Balancing

Nidra Chakra Balancing: Enjoy the deep relaxation of Yoga Nidra combined with a technique to assist in renewing and realigning the energy centers of the body known as chakras. The class may incorporate a variety of energetic techniques to help restore and renew the energy of the body; some of these techniques include, but are not limited to: Reiki, Gong, Singing Bowls, and Chanting. After Chakra Balancing, the students will then further the rejuvenation as we slide into deep relaxation and meditation with Yoga Nidra. This is a class that is suitable to all levels and is especially recommended to students who are dealing with a high level of stress in their lives as well as those who are in the process of healing from emotional or physical injuries.