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Electives & Yoga Courses

These elective yoga classes can be taken with a program or individually.

Yoga electives at SWIHA are designed to support those who wish to deepen their personal spiritual connection while mastering the principles and practice of yoga. Blending the highest intentions of Eastern & Western philosophy and practice, our life-changing and career-elevating programs guide students through a deep exploration of the roots, practice, and development of yoga as a path to self-realization.


Taught by Mary Bruce

YO 508 – Restorative Yoga (20 Hours)

This workshop weekend can be liken to a mini-retreat. Learn how to deeply relax and restore vital energy necessary to living a whole and balanced life. Research has shown that deep relaxation affects us on a genetic level and can have profound and lasting benefits. Deep relaxation boosts the immune system and relieves fatigue, anxiety and insomnia without the use of medication. Learn a series of asanas to facilitate deep relaxation through the use of yoga props including blankets, straps, pillows, eye bags, wedges, and block.

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Taught by Kate Shipp and Shelley Tom

YO 506 – Transformational Yoga Coaching (40 Hours)

This class is specially designed to teach you the step-by-step process of working one-on-one with people using yoga as a transformational tool. Within the practice of hatha yoga there is a hidden language of metaphors, symbolism and ancient wisdom, all of which can be considered ‘spiritually encoded.’ By tapping into the mystical messages of the asana, and learning the skill of artful, sensitive inquiry the body becomes a spiritual tuning rod for revelation and divine guidance. As part of the class we will journey to a nearby mountain to experience the resonance of nature and its ‘divinely destined’ messages. The second weekend includes the opportunity to breakthrough any wall you may experience in your life, metaphorically, by utilizing a large ‘yoga wall’ as part of your Transformational Yoga Coaching experience. The outcome of the two weekends is YOU will have the tools to expand what you offer as a yoga teacher and serve as a facilitator of healing to those called to work with you. Text: $26 This class is held at SWIHA; First Sunday of the class is held at Usery Mountain Regional Park at 7:30 am. The second Sunday afternoon will be held at Spirit of Yoga. These classes will be held at SWIHA.

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Taught by Gila Shire

YO 504 – Prenatal Yoga (20 Hours)

Prenatal yoga classes are more popular than ever. Come learn to teach full spectrum prenatal yoga classes with teaching skills in breath, relaxation, sound, contemplation and asana. Learn to adapt a regular yoga class to support prenatal needs and help prepare woman to face the physical demands of labor, birth, and motherhood. Learn to teach the breathing technique known as ujjayi which requires you to take in air slowly through your nose, filling your lungs, and exhale completely until your stomach compresses to help in the birthing process thus eliminating adrenalin, which slows the production of oxytocin, a hormone that makes labor progress. Discover insight into the spiritual process needed as a teacher to allow you to hold the space for pregnant students with grace and confidence.

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Taught by Kamini Desai

YO 401P$ – Yoga Nidra I (20 Hours)

This theoretical and experiential foundation class is designed to introduce you to yoga nidra as a little known limb of the yogic arts. Literally translated as “yogic sleep,” yoga nidra enables practitioners to reach profoundly deep states of consciousness through a powerful series of interchangeable techniques performed lying down. Explore the original intent of yoga, the three states of consciousness and yoga nidra as a tool for accessing the fourth state. P$ Text: $42 AUC only (CEU-NCBTMB)

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YO 402P$ – Yoga Nidra II (20 Hours)

Learn how yoga nidra takes you to subtle realms where karmic patterns that are solid and difficult to change in the waking state are more fluid and easy to shift in the meditative sleep state. Learn about the aura, the koshas, and how yoga nidra is designed to take you to the subtlest sheath where karmic impressions are held. P$ PRERQ YO 401* (PRERQ for Nidra Certificate students; drop-in) AUC only (CEU-NCBTMB) For Students Paying PER Module – Enrollment and payment into YO 409 Yoga Nidra Practicums is required with Yoga Nidra II in order to receive credit for Yoga Nidra practicums and to be permitted into the clinic upon completion of YO 404.

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YO 403P$ – Yoga Nidra III (20 Hours)

Explore studies on the proven effects of yoga nidra. Learn the secrets of each of the yoga nidra practices, their benefits, precautions and areas of proven efficacy from both the eastern and western perspective. You will learn how yoga nidra techniques can stand alone or add a deeper dimension to yoga classes, alternative health, medical, and therapeutic settings—both one-on-one and in a group. Using exclusive modularized yoga nidra cards learn the secrets of quickly and easily shaping your own yoga nidra sessions for students, clients, friends or family regardless of age or physical capability. P$ PRERQ 402 Yoga Nidra Cards: $32 AUC only (CEU-NCBTMB)

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YO 404P$ – Yoga Nidra IV (20 Hours)

In this course we will survey some of the most powerful applications of yoga nidra in the realm of stress, health, habits and addictions, pain management and depression. You will learn about the latest research on relaxation training in these areas as well as learn how to create customized yoga nidra sessions for these populations. P$ PRERQ 403 AUC only (CEU-NCBTMB)

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Advanced Yoga Nidra Classes

The following advanced classes are available to student with six months of experience either teaching or practicing Yoga Nidra after receiving their Certificate of Excellence:

Taught by Kamini Desai

YO 405 P$ – Yoga Nidra V – Advanced Techniques Part I (20 Hours)

This course of advanced Yoga Nidra study builds on and deepens Yoga Nidra practice as an ancient esoteric and mystical practice through study of source texts and yogic scriptures. We will delve more deeply into the koshas (sheaths) and how Yoga Nidra is of benefit to each one.

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YO 406 P$ – Yoga Nidra VI – Advanced Techniques Part II (20 Hours)

This weekend we will study the Yoga Sutras and how it points to the true spiritual depth of Yoga Nidra. You will learn how to use Yoga Nidra protocols to aid those seeking emotional integration and solutions for trauma, PTSD and other forms of energetic blockages.

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Taught by Dr. Marie Bailey

YO 421 – Yoga Body Psychology I (20 Hours)

This course of advanced Yoga study delves into the Amrit method of body psychology including, emotional blocks, how they are created and how to release them, using yoga-based coaching and facilitation techniques. Students will learn how body poses help reveal blocked areas of the body and help release alignment patterns, tensions and accelerate healing through addressing the underlying mental, emotional and physical patterns that are resulting in physical symptoms. Students will learn the first of four support yoga sequences and will learn the energetic diffusion technique as well as the body scanning technique and body mind connections. You will learn how to conduct a body scan and discover through experience the theory of body-mind connections. Text: $35 PRE-REQ – 200 hour yoga teacher training

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YO 422 – Yoga Body Psychology II (20 Hours)

During this weekend you will practice giving your first complete individualized yoga body psychology session. In addition, you will learn and practice leading a yoga body psychology focused class. You will discover how the first chakra relates to ego development and what poses address this. We will explore the theory and practice of a second body psychology sequence for hips and pelvis. After weekend two, there will be a supervised practicum to review and practice the techniques you have learned. PRE-REQ – YO 421

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YO 423 – Yoga Body Psychology III (20 Hours)

This module is designed to deepen the students understanding of yoga body psychology after having completed an initial practicum covering material in the first two weekends. Here, you will begin to focus on the subtleties of yoga body psychology including a new diagnostic tool called Ayurveda Psychology, a new facilitation technique known as Focusing, and an overview of the journey of psychological development through the chakras. New yoga body psychology sequences for lower and upper body, as well as arms, neck, shoulders and upper spine will be introduced and practiced along with additional instruction and practice on leading yoga body psychology classes. PRE-REQ: YO 421, YO 422

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YO 424 – Yoga Body Psychology IV (20 Hours)

This module is designed to pull all the pieces of Yoga Body Psychology together – leaving the student with the ability to not only lead a yoga body psychology class, but also an individual session based on a client’s individual needs. In addition, students will be learning about the most common conditions they may encounter in a yoga body psychology practice and pointers on how to skillfully address them with the tools they’ve gained. Students will learn a final new facilitation technique as well as a model for understanding the ingredients required for total emotional integration to occur. In this class we will also be covering logistical, marketing and other professional issues related to Yoga Body Psychology. PRE-REQ – YO 421-YO 423

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YO 425 – Yoga Body Psychology Practicum (20 Hours)

This module is designed to practically implement all elements and tools of Yoga Body Psychology together – leaving the student with the ability to successfully conduct an intake and choose a protocol of yoga poses combined with introspective facilitation techniques and integration techniques most appropriate for the individual client’s needs. This module has two components: One eight hour day which includes: Visual demonstration, oversight and practice in partners between sessions 2 and 3 to practice techniques learned. Two, 7 hour Sundays after the completion of session 4, where students will receive and give Yoga Therapy sessions to each other, or offer public appointments. PREREQ. YO 421- YO 424

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